Xolani Phumeza & Associates

Xolani Phumeza & Associates is an independent firm of auditors which provides audit and related services to complement our specialist financial advisory services.

We established in 1997 Xolani Phumeza & Associates to emphasise the independence of the audit and related services we provide, as required by our regulators.

We provide voluntary audit services for small to medium private companies, owner-managed and family enterprises and non-profit organisations across a range of sectors. Key factors of our audit provision are:

  • commercially relevant recommendations for change and improvement
  • compliance with the international standard on auditing
  • our approach uniquely tailored for each of our clients
  • emphasis on a value for money proposition

Our audit services include:

  • voluntary statutory audit, whether under the Companies Act or other legislation
  • other statutory reports required from registered auditors under legislation
  • regulatory reports for professional bodies, such as The Law Society

Our approach

We strongly believe that the audit, although a statutory requirement, can add value to client organisations and assist management in their decision-making process. Our approach to audit is to ensure that each project is well planned and produces no surprises.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service based on long-term, partner-led client relationships. We strive to provide practical advice and solutions, derived from a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. This is made possible by the quality of our people, networks and our depth of expertise at all levels.

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