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Accounting & Assurance

Robust financial reporting gives confidence to your shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders, and enables your business to make confident and informed decisions.
Your business will encounter new financial challenges at each stage of its growth, especially if you’re planning to eventually sell it or get partners. It’s also important to keep up to date on any accounting or reporting issues that could pose a risk to your business.

Meeting your needs

Our deep understanding of the financial landscape, network of specialists, specialist knowledge in a range of industry sectors and years of experience can help you stay on top of your reporting obligations and make informed decisions on your financial transactions.

You’ll receive high standards of client service, with minimum disruption to your organisation, regardless of whether you are a small business, professional practice or non-profit body.

Our service is personal and tailored. We aim to act as an extension of your in-house team, providing back-up when your resources are stretched.

We can provide a wide range of advice and support to business owners over the long term, both personally and as your advisory needs change through the business lifecycle – all through a single point of contact if required.

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Accounting and regulatory advice

The regulations surrounding accounting treatment can be complex and convoluted. So, the right advice is crucial to ensure compliance with the correct standards.

Preparing accounts and reporting financial transactions correctly under IFRS for SMEs and complying with the relevant rules and regulations for your industry requires insight, knowledge and experience.

Whether it’s adhering to relevant accounting standards, the Companies Act, the Close Corporations Act, Attorneys Trust Accounts Rules or rules imposed by various pieces of legislation, all organisations need to apply the appropriate interpretations and observe current market practice.

Using our range of specialist networks, we’re able to extend our accounting and regulatory advice to cover cashflow and tax consequences of various treatments if required.

Meeting your needs


Our highly qualified specialists have an exhaustive understanding of accounting and regulatory reporting obligations, and can offer detailed commercial advice and recommendations based on specialist sector knowledge.


We give you direct access to experienced senior practitioners, so that you feel comfortable with an adviser you trust.


We offer a wealth of resources to back up our accounting and regulatory advice, covering business needs as well as the personal objectives of the business owners.


  • Accounting advice: Comprehensive knowledge of accounting standards and interpretation of IFRS for SMEs.
  • Financial reporting: Assistance with market best.
  • Statutory accounts: Preparation of statutory accounts, interpretation of legislation, required disclosures and accounting treatment.
  • Company secretarial services: Company formations, annual returns.
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Assurance services

Many businesses need to provide comfort to investors and other stakeholders on their financial performance, even where a full audit is considered unnecessary or inappropriate – or is not required by law.

You may need to support key statements, assumptions and disclosures in your entity’s financial statements or consider the suitability of established accounting policies following a significant change in the business. You may also require a wider review of the operation of your finance function.

Commissioning cost-effective and focused assurance reviews on key areas of importance to your business, without the expense of a full audit, can be a major benefit in a variety of these situations, particularly for entrepreneurial businesses looking to scale up.

Meeting your needs

Cost effective

Our assurance review service, allows tailored and cost-effective examination of critical or important areas of your financial reporting systems and processes, without the expense of a full audit.


We provide a focused level of enquiry, giving comfort to management, as well as investors and other stakeholders (if required) in relation to the entity’s financial information.


Our approach provides the peace of mind that comes from having an external review. It can also help give you easier access to finance, or finance on better terms, by demonstrating accuracy of critical financial areas.


  • Assurance: Regular tailored reviews of any aspect of your financial processes or statements including analytical appraisal, examination of balance sheet items or assessment of your controls.
  • Independence: We report on the facts on an objective basis to provide the appropriate level of comfort.
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